8 Awesome Moments of Miniature Badassery From the New Ant-Man Trailer

14 Apr

The newest trailer for Marvel’s highly anticipated Ant-Man is here, and we finally get to see Paul Rudd kick some ass in miniature form!

With a lot more humor and action than the previous trailer, this awesome new promo also introduces us to a number of Ant-Man’s impressive powers and gives us a look at the film’s villain Yellowjacket — played by The Strain‘s Corey Stoll.

So what are Ant-Man’s powers? He can change size, he’s super strong (when he’s small), and he can control an army of ants. Also, when he gets bored he can make playing with children’s toys way more fun.

So let’s take a look at the eight most exciting miniature moments from the new Ant-Man trailer!

1. Ant-Man Makes Ant Friends


Apparently, the super sciencey suit that gives Ant-Man his shrinking powers also lets him communicate with and control ants. Who doesn’t want to make a little ant buddy?

2. Running With the Ants


While this is also some people’s nightmares, Ant-Man seems to be having a grand time running alongside this flock of furious formicidae.

3. Think of the Ant Possibilities


It looks like Ant-Man doesn’t even need to suit to get ants to do his bidding. Here, they flip a coin for him. But imagine what he could do with a bunch of ant buddies in Vegas?

4. The Gun Run


When you’re super small, anything can be your playground — including gun barrels!

5. Evangeline Lilly Punches Hard


Ant-Man’s powers include the proportional increase in his strength based on his size. So when he’s tiny, he’s also crazy strong. To teach Scott Lang (Rudd) how to fight, Hope Van Dyne (Lilly) punches him in the face. Sure, it’s not technically a miniature moment, but it’s super funny.

6. Yellowjacket!


Marvel is continuing the frequent tradition of pitting a hero against a bigger, badder version of himself in their first film. In Iron Man Tony Stark had to fight Iron Monger. In The Incredible Hulk the eponymous green hero had to take down Abomination. Now Ant-Man has to fight a guy in a bigger, deadlier bug-themed super suit. This isn’t a complaint! It looks awesome.

7. Fun With Trains!


Being a superhero is about saving the world, protecting innocent people, blah, blah, blah. But with Ant-Man’s powers, he also gets to ride on the roof of a toy train! He could make any toy a million times more fun whenever he wanted. Is it a callous waste of the suit’s powers and time that he could spend helping people? Yes. Does that matter? Toy train ride!!

8. What Epic Mini-Sized Battles Look Like to Everyone Else


The funniest moment comes at the end of the trailer when Ant-Man and Yellowjacket are duking it out. The giant toy train is barreling down on Yellowjacket and right when it strikes, we see what the epic battle looks like from across the room. It’s brilliant.

Ant-Man hits theaters July 17.

[NOTE: I originally wrote this story for ETonline.com, where it was first published]


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