‘Godzilla’ Has The Most Interesting Movie Posters For A Blockbuster Epic This Decade

7 May


[Note: Portions of this post originally appeared in a story I wrote for ETonline]

Godzilla comes crunching its way into theaters on May 16 in what is officially his 32nd appearance on the big screen. Director Gareth Edwards and the Godzilla advertising team are going the distance towards making sure audiences know that this isn’t like any other Godzilla movie you’ve ever seen.

So many of the posters for the upcoming sci-fi monster epic have shied away from the more-traditional ‘floating heads’ composition or mainstream styles in favor of artistically animated, eye-catching  novelty posters created by the design firm Mondo, Ignition, and Phantom City creative. Click the jump for all the amazing posters…

They’ve been given out at comic conventions and are set to be released at IMAX screenings, and harken back to posters from the era when Godzilla first lumbered his way through Tokyo in 1954.

In 1998, 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow director Roland Emmerich created his blockbuster version of the legendary behemoth from the deep, and it wasn’t what you would call “well received.” It currently has a 25% on Rotten Tomatoes and went on to win two Razzies (the bad-movie equivalent of the Oscars, which celebrates the worst of the worst).

In an effort to distance this new vision of Godzilla from the attempt 16 years ago, Gareth Edwards, whose previous feature film edit was the brilliantly beautiful and experimental Monsters from 2010, has used his unique eye for incorporating art and blockbuster spectacle to create a film that revels in excitement and destruction without losing sight of humanity and, more importantly, quality storytelling.

Check out these amazing illustrated photos…


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